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Living in North Texas makes for a tough time if you like being outside and want to paint. In the Summer it is hot and windy – Winter - cold and windy. But being inspired by my love of nature I persevere. .. playing in my yard and gardens together with my beautiful labradors makes for lots of fun and an occasional idea for a painting. I try to find the beauty in my natural surroundings, so you’ll see lots of birds, trees and critters in my work. My technique and style are a little "different"; I call it mixed media but it’s really more "mixed bag" – I never really know what instrument will pop up in my hand.


I live in Mountain Springs, Texas a place more than a name you’ll find on a map,

with my wonderful companions – Pinky, Stanley, Homer, Bones, LulaBelle, Pancho Barnes and Joe – the last one has only two legs but I don’t hold it against him. He is an artist in his own right and currently is rebuilding a 1953 Chevy pick-up. Half our barn is his studio - full of tools and car toys’ and the other half is my studio - full of pens, pencils, paper and paint – and dogs, always dogs.


Come by and see us sometime but in the meantime…

Thanks for visiting my website - hopefully you ‘ll see something you like.

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